Glasgow’s Botanical Gardens

Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens historical spiral staircase finally restored to it’s authentic beauty !
The original victorian spiral staircase situated in the Palm House of Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens serves as a maintenance access only, it provides access to a walkway, where the tall plants can be tended via roof ventilation and sprinkler systems. After decades of heat and humidity had taken it’s toll, the staircase was in very poor condition. The parks development team had to devise a strategic plan of requirements before the refurb project got under way in 2020. A new core was essential along with replacement of the treads and a new paint job were all part of the rebuild.

  Reid Wire Ltd are very proud to have played a significant part in it’s restoration, bringing it back to it’s former glory.

Once again it stands proudly among the leafy green splendored surroundings of the tropical plantation.
The Historical Gardens are very much loved in Glasgow and we are delighted that the restoration of this significant piece of history will continue to provide enjoyment to visitors of the glasshouses.

Botanical Gardens Staircase Renovation