The history of Reid Wire spans more than 10 decades. It was in 1882 that William Reid, who at that time owned and managed a small dairy in Glasgow’s “Rotten Row”, started to manufacture wire window guards for the overnight security of his family business.

Neighbouring shopkeepers liked the guards so much that William Reid was soon flooded with orders for them, resulting in a challenging change of direction for the company. (Fulfilling a market’s need through diversification).

In the ensuing years, the business grew at a steady rate with growth in not only in the range of products and services, but also in the variety of design. This consequently led to a multi-disciplined workforce. With the outbreak of World War 2, demand for Reid Wire products soared, especially from the Ministry of Defence, which remains a valued client. The products included diverse items from mosquito screens for ships portholes to medium girder bridge sections for the temporary Bailey bridging system, still utilised worldwide.

HistoryAfter the war, with the government investing in the regeneration of industries and new inner city housing developments through out the British Isles, the company’s order books were healthy for a wide range of products from household goods, such as kitchenware to external housing products like safety railings and veranda screening. It was around this period that the qualities of Reid Wire products became recognised and respected in many business sectors in the UK and many of those companies still remain valued customers.

During the years that followed the war, Reid Wire continued to prosper in various markets, developing a variety of products including wire formed items and specialised integrated assembly products for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Formal recognition came when Reid Wire was commissioned to provide specially designed and initialled wire assemblies for the processional route for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953.

Today, Reid Wire provides markets throughout the world with products ranging from specified wire brushes for the energy market to custom designed and fabricated assemblies for giant earthmoving equipment. The diversification of our operations for over more than a century means that the company is able to be proactive and operational in markets such as Government Departments (M.O.D.), local authorities, Original Equipment Manufacturers, construction industry, civil/mechanical engineering, distribution and data processing industries.